The Coffee Shop will inspire you in your faith walk as you read through all the adventures that start in the coffee shop with so many twists and turns just like in our own lives. God is there and always for a reason...

The main characters, William and James establish a friendship of faith and humor that are shared with all they meet. This is what draws so many to The Coffee Shop where no one stays a stranger for long.

How is it that a young man with alcohol and drug problems is drawn to a coffee shop that holds NA and AA meetings, He meets Beth, who then introduces him to a man that can give Adam the answers he's been searching for most of his life? Adam is not close to either of his parents either. What appears to be random is later found out that it is part of a much bigger picture that only God knows why.

This is a book that will give you faith in new beginnings, friendship, and to be hopeful for tomorrow knowing God is in control.

Fictional novel series based in Prescott, Arizona. Available through Amazon, Kindle, paperback, large print paperback, Itunes, and Audible.